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Regulatory Fee Reporting

Welcome to the Regulatory Fee Reporting web page! 

On this page you will find guides to assist you with the various ways you can file and pay your Regulatory Fee Reports with the NC Utilities Commission.  Below is a complete guide to all methods and then each section reiterates those instructions specific to how you are choosing to do your report.


** Effective December 2016, utility companies can now pay outstanding balances on their account(s) at any time. This is available through the Regulatory Fee Filing History link. When you select your company, you will see any outstanding balance(s) you may have and you can make an electronic payment. This will allow companies that have separate staff filing the report verses staff that have authority to make payments to be able to do both pieces electronically/online. Please see this special section in the Complete User’s Guide starting on page 38 for step-by-step instructions.


** Effective August 2016, we have updated the web site with Regulatory Fee Report forms and instructions for State Fiscal Year 2016-2017.


** Effective July 1, 2016, the regulatory fee percentage rate has been reduced to .14% (.0014). The two rates for the telephone subsection (h) and (m) companies has been reduced as well to .04% (.0004) and .02% (.0002) respectively. An order was issued in Docket M-100 Sub 142 for this reduction in the base rate. Docket M-100 Sub 142 is where all future orders regarding rate changes will be filed annually.


** Also effective August 2016, we now have available online public access to previously filed Regulatory Fee Reports. The public access includes reports and invoices for any report filed. The Utility Company individual inquiring will only have access to these reports and invoices if you are an active contact on the respective company account. See the section starting on Page 35 of the Complete User's Guide for details.


For assistance, please call Regina Williams at 919-733-5265 or the Fiscal Management Section at 919-733-7680. Regina can be emailed at or email Fiscal Management at


Complete User Guide to Regulatory Fee Reporting


Electronic Regulatory Fee Reporting

Filing your Regulatory Fee Report online is fast and simple and the system keeps up with your year-to-date jurisdictional revenue so you only pay what is required.

Find below a Training Guide to assist you in this process.

If you would like in-person training in Raleigh, please email Pat Jeter at or call 919-733-0832.  For assistance with completing your Regulatory Fee Report, please call Regina Williams at 919-733-5265 or the Fiscal Management Section at 919-733-7680.  You can also email Regina or Fiscal Management at the following email addresses  or .

Electronic Regulatory Fee Training Guide (PDF)




Fillable PDF Regulatory Fee Reporting Form

Instructions for the Fillable PDF Regulatory Fee Report Form

Fillable PDF Regulatory Fee Report form for SFY 2016-2017 quarters


Regulatory Fee Report Forms prior to SFY 2016-2017

State Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Fillable PDF Regulatory Fee Report for SFY 2015-2016 quarters

State Fiscal Year 2014-2015

State Fiscal Year 2013-2014





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