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Clerks and IT Services Division

The Clerks and IT Services Division is made up of the Information Technology Section and the Chief Clerk's Office.

Personnel in the Information Technology Section provide technology support to Commission staff for all network, application, and computer-based services. They purchase and install personal computers for Commission personnel, and run the Commission’s internal network. In addition, they ensure that the Commission’s records are accessible to staff and the public via the Commission’s website, and that the Commission’s document management system is working effectively. Staff operate a help desk to assist Commission staff in quickly resolving computer-related problems.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commission's Chief Clerk are very similar to the ministerial duties of clerks of court within the North Carolina Court System. Staff in the Chief Clerk's Office manage and maintain the official files of the Commission. These files include:

  • Utility requests for price increases, mergers, tariff changes, facility construction approval
  • Pre-filed testimony and exhibits of witnesses
  • Requests from individuals who wish to be approved as movers of household goods
  • Requests from developers to be certified as meeting the State’s requirements for producing renewable energy
  • Formal complaints from consumers who have been unable to resolve a utility dispute
  • Consumer statements of position
  • Transcripts (and in some cases recordings) of hearings
  • Legal pleadings such as briefs, motions, and proposed orders
  • Commission Orders
  • Official service lists and utility company contacts

Staff in the Chief Clerk's office also:

  • Electronically distribute documents within the Commission and to the public
  • Maintain the Commission's hearing calendar
  • Schedule hearing rooms throughout the State
  • Collect and  record  filing fees and  other charges
  • Provide assistance and information to Commission staff and the public
  • Retrieve old Commission files from State Archives as needed
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