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Bond Appendices

A-1 Certificate of Deposit (pdf)

A-2 Letter of Credit (pdf)

A-3 Corporate Surety Bond (pdf)

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Water/Wasterwater Filing Requirements for Bonding

Type of Bond


Cash / Certificate of Deposit Bond

Irrevocable Letter of Credit Bond

Commercial Surety Bond

Bond A-1

              X 1/



Bond A-2


              X  1/


Bond A-3



              X  1/

Cash / CD

               X 2/



Letter of Credit


               X 3/


Power of Attorney



               X 4/

Commitment Letter


               X 5/

               X 5/

(To be filed with the Chief Clerk - where applicable)

1/          Original Copy of the Bond - Bond forms are usually attached to Order Requiring Bond for each specific franchise.

2/         Notification of deposit from the bank that cash or Certificate of Deposit  surety has been received for a given bond.

3/          Original Copy of Non-Perpetual Irrevocable Letter of Credit [Letter of Credit must comply with Rule R7-37 New Section (e)(4) as adopted by the Commission in its Order dated July 19, 1994, in Docket No. W-100, Sub 5.]

4/          Original Copy of Power of Attorney for individual who signed Appendix A-3 as Corporate Surety

5/          Original Copy of Commitment Letter

(a)       This letter need only contain a statement indicating whether the utility is required to pledge utility company assets (collateral and type) to secure the bond or irrevocable letter of credit; and

(b)       The premium paid by the utility (if any) to the bank and/or lending institution for their accommodation of the borrower.

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