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Regulatory Fees

The regulatory fee legislation for public utilities and electric membership corporations was enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly to provide funding to pay the expenses incurred by the Commission and Public Staff in regulating public utilities in the interest of the using and consuming public.  The regulatory fee requirements are administered in compliance with G.S. 62-302.

The Commission’s Fiscal Management Division is responsible for the collection, deposit, accounting, and reporting of the regulatory fee for the Commission. 

G.S. 62-302 and Commission Rule R-15 state in part that: "The regulatory fee imposed under this section is due and payable to the Commission on or before the 15th day of the second month following the end of each quarter.  Each public utility subject to the regulatory fee shall on or before the date the fee is due for each quarter, prepare and render a report on a form prescribed by the Commission." 

The Commission’s Public Utility Regulatory Fee Report Form, NCUC Form RFand/or NCUC Form RF/PSP, is mailed out by the Fiscal Management Division the last working day of each quarter to all certificated public utilities.  The original reports and any payments are due back to the Commission within 45 days of the quarter‑ended date. 

Questions relating to the Commission’s Public Utility Regulatory Fee Report Forms and/ or payments should be directed to Maxine McLamb at (919)733-5265 or emailed to

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