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Frontier Natural Gas Company
Show Cause Proceeding – Evidentiary Hearing
October 16, 2017
Docket No. G-40 Sub 142

The NC Utilities Commission is authorized by the US Department of Transportation to inspect all natural gas operators in the State for compliance with minimum federal pipeline safety standards. NCUC pipeline safety staff inspected Frontier Natural Gas Company in February of 2017 and cited Frontier for violations of federal pipeline safety regulations included in 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 192, Subpart O. Specifically, staff concluded that while Frontier had prepared the required pipeline integrity management program, it had not taken all actions required of it to implement that program.

On July 14, 2017, the Commission issued an order scheduling a show cause hearing for October 16. Commission pipeline inspectors will present their findings and Frontier will be given the opportunity to respond to the pipeline inspectors’ evidence. Ultimately the Commission could order Frontier to take immediate steps to correct safety deficiencies that are shown to exist.  The Company could also be subject to civil penalties if the Commission is persuaded that it did indeed violate federal safety standards.

In addition, the Commission has set September 25, 2017, as the date for interested persons to petition to intervene in this proceeding and to file expert witness testimony.

Members of the public are welcome to observe the proceedings.

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